A sequence of loosely related pineapple adventures, brought to you by bartenders in the Netherlands.

Dickens’s first ever novel ‘The Pickwick Papers’, was published in monthly installments from 1836 until 1837. The novel presents a sequence of loosely related adventures built around a group of memorable characters, with Samuel Pickwick, a wealthy old gentleman and the founder and perpetual president of the Pickwick Club, at its center.

The Pickwick Papers served as an inspiration for Plantation Rum’s most celebrated expression. The ecclesiastical character Reverend Stiggins was an infamous lover of pineapple rum and it was his proclivity that inspired the name ‘Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum’.

Honouring Dickens, The Pickwick Papers and Plantation’s Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum, we are now creating our own quirky bundle of loosely related adventures, with cocktails to match.

The Competition

The Challenge

Write your own Dickensian adventure starring yourself and a pineapple. There are no rules, but try and emulate Dickens’ storytelling style with main themes like humour, criticizing society, awkward conversations, guilt & innocence and drinking. Grasp the mood of the Victorian age or place your adventure in the context of our modern time, it’s up to you! Conclude your story with a cocktail recipe that is inspired by your story, a recipe containing Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum that is.


From the submitted stories, our panel of judges will choose ten finalists. These ten stories and recipes will then be collected and bundled in an illustrated book, of which each finalist will receive a copy. All finalists will push their serve and story for a period of one month. During this month, the public can vote on their favorite cocktail and story through an online poll. In the final week, the panel of judges will visit the bars and taste the cocktails. The scores of the online poll and the judges combined, will decide who will win the competition.

The Prize

Every year, Maison Ferrand hosts the Stiggins’ Society. An occasion on which friends and family of Plantation Rum are invited to Cognac to celebrate the pineapple! The three-day event includes activities like pineapple cutting, rum workshops, masterclasses and other pineapple related shenanigans. The winner of the competition will be invited to attend the ball and participate in its festivities.

The Rules

For an overview of all the rules and guidelines, please visit the following page. It is of the utmost importance that you read these rules carefully as they state what conditions your story and recipe must meet!


Take a shot! Grab your pen and start writing! Give us adventure, pineapples and rum and we will return the favor.

  • March 3
    Start of Competition
  • March 24
    Deadline Submission Story & Recipe
  • March 27
    Announcement 10 Finalists
  • April 27-30
    Delivery Book & Menu at Bar
  • May 1
    Poll is Open
  • May 31
    Poll is Closed
  • JUNE 3
    Announcement Winner
March 3

Our competition has officially started You have exactly three weeks...

Our competition has officially started! You have exactly three weeks to write your story and to come up with a recipe. Be creative, be informed and channel your inner Charles Dickens.

“If there's any tap less odious than another, it's the liquor called pineapple rum"