To empower young Sri Lankan adults from challenging backgrounds, giving them opportunity, direction and courage to find their true place in society.


We’re here to get young Sri Lankan adults on the right life track, specifically those without the structure and support of an immediate family. We want to inspire, empower and help dreams become a reality by means of further education, finding jobs and supporting the transition to independence.

Many Sri Lankan children grow up in care. When a child reaches 18 and the time comes for them to leave and start their own life journey, this can be a daunting prospect. Where will they live and work? Is work experience an option, or a job? Perhaps they are looking to further their education? Maybe they lack life skills and need coaching. Whatever the scenario, these children are facing it alone. Which is where we can help. Here at The Youth Bridge we want to guide young adults, helping them make that step into society.


Practical workshops
Work experience programs
Help finding and securing a job
Support for higher education

How you can help

Like any charity, we need sponsors and every penny counts! We're a volunteer only organization, which means all donations end up with those who need it most.

If you are based in Sri Lanka and offer internships or work experience placements and would like to help.